• Global Land Paths III
    Federalist Responses to Global Challenges. From the local/national to the European to the global

The Land Beyond is about a creative idea, land, time, kairos, a spirit, an attitude. It means the land beyond the mountains (the Zagori mountains) in Epirus, a land of generosity, exaltation, inspiration, learning. “Beyond” (epekeina, επέκεινα) is the prerequisite or even the unknown, something broader than knowledge or experience, that we are always about to conquer. Certainties divide people, diversity unites them.

We are interested in (1) freedom, (2) giving (3) living together-symbiosis. Ecumenical values, mutual understanding, pluralism, liberties, participation, conflict prevention and resolution, federalism, open society, volunteering, peace, biodiversity. Think more, live more, try more.

Vitsa is a traditional settlement with historical, architectural, cultural and ecological interest, written in stone, one of the most unique villages of Zagori (46 villages in total), national park globally virgin. From Vitsa sets off the stone path, “The Vitsa stairs”, leading to the stone double - arched bridge of Missios in the Voidomatis river and to other Zagori villages and the eternal forests of Zagori, the land beyond.